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Entrepreneurial child Strong society



We are five schools united across Europe for the same purpose. We want to design and produce entrepreneurship products by combining the club activities we do in our schools with this project. Entrepreneurship is shown as one of the basic skills that every individual should have in the 21st century. Because the society consists of individuals and the society stands on its own feet with the contribution of the individuals. One of the biggest obstacles to entrepreneurship is the fear of failure. The reason for this is the lack of a sound infrastructure in entrepreneurship and the lack of necessary training. If we provide our students with the necessary opportunities in entrepreneurship and let them experience the sense of achievement, we can overcome this fear and support them to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. In order to offer this opportunity to our students, we would like to start up a number of club activities in our project as well as entrepreneurship education.

To develop the skills that entrepreneurial individuals should have by creating awareness about entrepreneurship.

  • a-Drawing the road map to be followed in entrepreneurship

  • b-To identify suitable opportunities for entrepreneurship

  • c-Coping with the difficulties encountered in entrepreneurship

  • d-Doing market research and determining risk factors/To be able to make an e-business plan/Determining a competitive strategy in entrepreneurship

Enabling the individual to know himself, discover and develop his talents. 21 century - acquisition of skills. Finding the possibility to change good practices. To lay suitable foundations for an entrepreneurial society. To recognize and interact with different cultures.

To develop problem solving skills. To improve Math, Science, Science, Technology and Engineering skills. To be able to work in cooperation. Making students feel the sense of accomplishment. Using technology for entrepreneurship. To understand the importance of three-dimensional thinking and seeing. To give the ability to shape the material in your hand.


Due to a coronavirus pandemic are activities are postponed. We will hang out with our partners virtually until situation improves.

This is our project logo, it was selected with the most votes by students from all participating countries.

Our students and teachers are involved in forum activities on the Etwinning portal – Twinspace. Everyone introduced themselves.

The first discussion they got involved in was ideas for handcrafts. There were a lot of interesting ideas there.

Bulgarian students introduce us with their ideas like decorated cups.

then some of them made a bracelet! It have been made with 100% real polished obsidians. It's very stylish and it is believed that this stone also has some good effects on a person's mood. It is also used for a zodiac stone. 
you can see fun pumpkins
this is a handknitted cover, made with hook
and lucky bracelet
Croatian students share their ideas and show what they done in school. In the lesson of technical culture as part of the lesson Metal joining procedures, students made a candlestick. Before the use of electricity, candles, in addition to torches and oil lamps, were one of the most common means of lighting. Even today, they are used, for example, in a church, house or on various occasions to create a relaxed atmosphere and festive atmosphere. For easier handling, they are usually kept on a stand or candlestick. Candlesticks can be simple, but also real works of art. The candlestick that the students made is very simple, and it is used for small ports, small candles poured into a metal container. The aim of the exercise was to get acquainted with tools and accessories for metal processing such as sheet metal scissors, sandpaper, file, wheel, drawing needle, drill, locksmith squeak and the like, and finally they joined the metal with a detachable joint. The technical creation was made of thinner aluminum sheet and decorated as desired. The exercise was very interesting for the students and they wanted to try working with tools with great enthusiasm, they were especially interested in working with a drill. When making the technical creation, it was important to apply protective equipment and make sure that no one was injured. All students have successfully mastered the exercise and are looking forward to a new one!






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